Food and drinks are getting sweeter!

Food and drinks are getting sweeter!

An article published in discusses how food that is the worst for us is the cheapest and the easiest to access. We see the GIFS online daily that show a blueberry in its different forms and how it will taste vs Cheetos that will taste the same every time. 

The article details the results of how much non nutritious sweeteners have infected our foods and the reasons why. The main result of the study showing "We found per person volumes of non-nutritive sweeteners in drinks is now 36% higher globally. Added sugars in packaged food is 9% higher." But why is this happening? 

Most major countries have put limitations on sugar in foods and what these companies have done instead is replace it with artificial sweetener. While the world health organization now is working to develop new regulations to keep the artificial sweeteners under control there is no time like the present for us to take matters into our own hands. Have you ever considered only drinking water? 

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